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From smart phones to smart homes, everything is turning smart today. Isn't it time you turned smart? Yes, we at Cleanz Car Wash can help you. We understand your car is part of your identity and needless to say, it does create an impression. A clean, well maintained car can do wonders when you pull up for a meeting or a social gathering. We at Cleanz can help make your car look smart. Want to know how?

Introducing "Smart Wash for Smart Cars", a convenient, cost effective and efficient car wash facility that is truly smart. With this facility you can have your car washed and looking new in no time.

Cleanz Car wash Dubai, Abu Dhabi - is an emerging company in the industry that is being raised and honed with firm passion, a touch of ingenuity and loads of dreams.

Eco Friendly Wash - We also have WATERLESS car wash service which can be served on demand


Cleanz has been in the UAE market from as a division under Ashtech Global Holding since 2014to become one of the leaders in this field.

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Eco-friendly waterless car wash in Dubai

Why Cleanz Car Wash?

Car wash in shopping malls and supermarkets
Time Saving - Car washing in Dubai/Abu Dhabi, that is non intrusive to your personal time. You can tend to your personal activities and chores without having to spend time at a Car Wash facility. With an average car wash time of 20 minutes.
mobile car wash facility Dubai, Abu Dhabi
Clean - Clean cars and clean surroundings. Our waterless mobile car wash facility and the process does not leave the surroundings or floors messy with foam and water after a car wash.
car wash in Dubai
Convenience - Cars are washed when they are parked in the parking lots of offices and malls or at home. We also provide car washing service at residential complexes, apartments, office complexes, parking lots and shopping malls.
Eco-friendly car wash
Efficient - Waterless car wash Dubai/Abu Dhabi- Efficient use of water considering the preservation of natural resources and saving planet earth...
water less car wash
Car & Eco Friendly Cleaning Materials - We use non-abrasive and non toxic, natural car washing chemicals for cleaning your car.
professional car wash
Professional and Skilled Staff - Have a fully licensed and professionally trained staff who can serve your tenants / guests / customers while their cars are parked in the parking lots, apartments and residential complexes.
premium car wash company in Dubai

Our Services

Car Wash in Residential Complexes and Apartments
Car Wash in Residential Complexes and Apartments - Most residential complexes and apartments do not have easy access to water for a car wash. Cleanz Car Wash is available on just a call away.   We can also provide our service in a contractual basis.
Car Wash in Office Complexes and Spaces
Car Wash in Office Complexes and Spaces - Busy with your daily office work? Worried about your car wash?. Cleanz car wash is the premium choice. We are the best car wash contractors in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
Car Wash in Shopping Malls
Car Wash in Shopping Malls and Supermarkets - Busy with shopping? No time for a car wash?. Our car wash service is available at malls and supermarkets. Our expert team will wash your car in no time.
car wash at parking lots
Car Wash in Parking Lots - Eco friendly car wash is available at parking lots. We use eco-friendly and natural car washing chemicals for cleaning your car. Cleanz car wash is one of the top car washing company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Our Locations

We Serve

Residential Complexes and Apartments
Office Complexes and Spaces
Shopping Malls and Supermarkets
Parking Lots
Premium car wash Dubai, Abu Dhabi
Contractual car wash in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Types of Service

Pay per Wash
You pay as you go for each wash.
Monthly Subscriptions
You can subscribe to a monthly plan for hiring our services.

Our Clients

Cleanz Car Wash

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